Since Conviction’s report on the ABB Electrification Startup Challenge in March, ABB has revealed three winners for proofs-of-concept and digital innovation in sustainable energy. MOOST, i-EM and Pratexo were among 9 finalists that pitched in Berlin by invitation from the second stage, where 20 startups were shortlisted from over 100 entrants based in no less than 34 countries. Startup Challenge awards collaboration projects worth $30,000 with ABB Electrification for each category plus mentorship opportunities with ABB, SynerLeap and Microsoft.

Check out Conviction’s wrap on Startup Challenge 2022, interview with ABB’s Anton Kotov, and previous winner Q&A with Tallarna’s CEO Tim Meanock about industry collaboration and startup growth.

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Joël Samsinger, Co-Founder & CEO of MOOST

Left to right: Ciro Lanzetta and Emilio Simeone from i-EM; Blaine Mathieu and Mats Olsson from Pratexo; and Lucas Senn and Joël Samsinger from MOOST. Image Credit: ABB

Headquarted in Switzerland, MOOST is a smart building Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup founded in 2016. From MOOST’s beginnings in the development of smart home applications, today the startup provides what it calls ‘hyper-personalisation’ SaaS to large companies, including security and energy management. MOOST’s team have academic and professional backgrounds with a mix of experience in digital, data processing and connected homes that work alongside a broader network of experts to deliver ABB-winning solutions.

Here’s what Joël Samsinger, Co-Founder and CEO had to say about MOOST and the Startup Challenge.

Tell us about MOOST, what was the pitch?

MOOST enables ABB to engage non-specialist users of building technology with hyper-personalised notifications and gamification. Our first-of-its-kind SaaS platform transforms data generated by ABB sub-distribution systems into proactive information, helping users understand what the problems are in their buildings and how they can make changes to improve.

What customer challenges will it solve?

The majority of home and building technology operators are non-expert users. Non-expert users typically find leveraging their systems for energy savings overly complex. Many simply don’t have time to analyse dashboards and read through generic instructions.

With personalised notifications, MOOST users receive easy-to-digest information at the right time. Notifications include one-click actions that control the user’s home or building system. There is no easier way to take climate-friendly action.

And to make saving energy fun, MOOST powered notifications are using gamification, showing users how they progress and rewarding those climate-friendly actions that make a difference.

Can you give us the elevator pitch to customers?

MOOST enables users to maximise energy savings with no sacrifice in comfort, time or inconvenience. It’s easy, fun and relevant for every individual household or building manager.

There’s no additional hardware and no additional app required. Our technology leverages existing hardware and sends notifications via established ABB user interfaces, including wall panel, email and free-at-home app.

What makes MOOST unique in its impact?

Just like Instagram, Spotify and YouTube are using interaction signals to personalise content suggestions, our technology analyses every interaction with a notification. This allows MOOST to propose home and building controls without requiring users to go through lengthy onboarding processes or digital nudging.

Applied to the scale of ABB our technology will lead to billions of better decisions from the start. MOOST is tech for good, what our planet needs and what we owe to future generations.  

Image credit: ClimateLaunchpad

Why did you enter the Startup Challenge?

ABB called for technology that helps non-specialists in building technology to make climate-friendly decisions. It’s exactly what MOOST does, we’re a match made in heaven.

The market needs to evolve faster than ever. As a startup, we are able to adapt fast, innovate fast, and that’s our key competitive advantage.

From over 100, t0 2o, to 9, how are you feeling about the win?

It is about much more than winning the challenge - it is about winning the most trusted brand in the smart building industry as a partner. What does this mean to MOOST? Everything. We will make every effort for the partnership to be a success. Personally, I am deeply committed to making it a success too.

My grandfather was one of the first employees at ABB who engineered computer programmes for more efficient train motor systems. It would mean the world to me to follow in his footsteps as a long-term partner of ABB - the one company he has been so proud of his own role.

For me and MOOST today, the challenge is to find the perfect framework to roll out an MVP fast so we can demonstrate how well our technology performs and the value it creates for ABB’s customers.

Where do MOOST’s plans for business development go from here?

Our notifications have two purposes - first, to get end-users consent and trust for critical actions on the user’s behalf like delaying the car charging and, second, to train algorithms.

While the first will enable new business models, leveraging smart buildings for power grid stability and more, the second point is critical to reach next-level, truly smart buildings.

Is there anything we’ve missed?

We have been truly amazed by the perfect organisation, structure and support we received. Big-time credits to everyone involved in the Startup Challenge.

Thank you ABB, Microsoft and SynerLeap committing to address some of the world’s biggest challenges to achieve a better, more sustainable future.

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