Pitches, ideas and contributor pieces welcome, including opinion and analysis from investors and technologists in the ecosystem of impact on how to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Perhaps tell us about the challenge you’re solving, or you’ve just closed a round, we’d love to hear more.

Folk in venture capital and tech startups are of course welcome, but so are institutional investors, private equity and professional advisors, as well as academics, think tanks, policy wonks and everyone else connected to impact investing, technology and sustainability:

Get in touch with opinion@conviction.news

Guidance (not guidelines) includes:

  • Pitch us your idea, send a draft piece/answers to a Q&A we sent and our team will review and offer copy sign off before the piece is published
  • There is no set minimum or maximum length though 500-750 words is a good rule of thumb, consistent with our content
  • Submissions should be original for Conviction News but won't be paywalled, if we have it our way, ever

Freelancers with a spare couple hundred words on the things we care about, or who would like to be involved with Conviction:

Reach out to editor@conviction.news

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