Update: From [dot]news to [dot]com & Reach Conviction

Update: From [dot]news to [dot]com & Reach Conviction

Oct 5, 2022 1 min read

Conviction isn’t quiet quitting. In fact, we’ve been gunning for a promotion. Conviction News ‘2.0,’ Reach Conviction is coming soon and moving to ReachConviction.com.

Search ‘Conviction News’ and you’ll find a lot about people in court. That lack of foresight might as well be criminal but so could our land grab for Reach Conviction.

ReachConviction[dot]VC was gone but [dot]com sat there, hiding in plain sight. Without even a 1, 2 or 3, we swiped @ReachConviction and then the LinkedIn URL.

Chuffed but won’t be surprised later by any obvious issues with Reach Conviction, perhaps equal to Conviction News and why [dot]VC is yet to point at a website.

At least there is more than the domain to preview like these updates and reasons to subscribe:

  • Fresh web design with a more grown-up look, real pictures and clearer navigation*
  • VC/tech for a sustainable future with more focus on issues-led and early-stage content
  • New ways to contribute and join the conversation
  • Follow on Twitter @ReachConviction  
  • Now also on LinkedIn  

In the meantime, check out the latest from ABB and Pratexo with a closer look at their collaboration on digital solutions for the energy industry to save costs and reduce emissions.

Questions? Comments? Subscribe for free to leave a comment below or email editor@reachconviction.com tips, news and contributor opinions.  

*Reasons to subscribe with a caveat. Ditching the Microsoft Paint 98 vibe for real pictures but also Canva. You’ve been warned, ImpactAlpaca.

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