Welcome to a special edition of Conviction, the first in a six-part series that had everything to do with genius forward planning around Bitcoin 2022 in Miami and an educated guess Peter Thiel would launch a tirade of off-colour remarks to bring you a timely, full roster of expert contributors who we’ve definitely known for years, not days.

Here’s what you can expect after the jump: a rundown of what’s happened in the news, Conviction’s view of why it matters and, more importantly, views from actual experts. A full list of contributors in this piece and the series to follow is below to pique your interest.

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For the avoidance of doubt, we’re interested in more than crypto and blockchain. This series simply fits in the bigger picture, early-stage impact investors and tech startups working toward Sustainable Development Goals.

Court with Conviction

Climate crisis on the block(chain)

To keep you reading, here’s what to expect at Conviction between now and Easter weekend with a preview of insights in this ‘special edition’ to set the scene. We’ve got answers to our questions from several generous contributors with separate, standalone Q&A features to follow plus a contributor opinion.

Witnesses for the defence

  1. JustCarbon has written a contributor opinion for Conviction - stay tuned
  2. Adrian Rimmer, Co-Founder of JustCarbon responds to the CarbonPlan report
  3. Luis Adaime, CEO of Moss Earth offers an Amazon NFT, ‘MCO2’ tokens that protects rainforest with carbon credits
  4. Ransu Salovaara, CEO of Likvidi, a platform for transactions of DeFi-compatible tokenised carbon credits
  5. Richard Harries, CEO of Cofndrs offers value backed coins for the financing of purpose-driven projects to solve social and environmental challenges
  6. Paul Gambill, CEO of Nori, the Seattle-based startup and carbon marketplace that uses an Etherium blockchain NFT to record transactions and document offsets

Editor’s note: Thanks to our contributors and everyone that helped make it happen on tight turnarounds. And thanks to readers too - leave thoughts in the comments and pitch opinion@conviction.news with your own views.

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