• The investing app Etcho has announced a pre-seed round of £279,000 via the crowdfunding platform Crowdcube
  • Etcho enables users to select from the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the goals they’re most passionate about to match their portfolio
  • The fintech says while it is linked to SDGs its other mission is to enable users to understand the overall impact of their future investments on their own financial wellbeing, as well as the planet

Etcho has fast gone from concept to product set to go live in Q2 2022. The Sustainable Development Goals investing app has announced a pre-seed round of £279,000 after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube amidst growing demand for investing apps and climate criteria a la CIRCA5000 (formerly Tickr), Clim8 and others.

Image credit: etchotrade.com

Charlie French, Co-Founder of Etcho said that the app is unlike other, where otherwise you could invest in a so-called ‘sustainable’ ETF and “don’t actually get the choice of which companies you’re investing in and how much money you’re putting into each of those companies.” He added even buying into ESG funds could mean you are actually investing in oil or tobacco stocks but with Etcho everyone “can and has the power to make conscious decisions through access to information.”

Etcho provides retail investors choice and ability to make their own informed decisions through the platform. Already Etcho has seen an increase in retail investors entering the stock market and many are younger investors who tend to be the most interested in sustainability, which influence their investing decisions.


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