Welcome to the Sunday Scaries with Conviction, where we’ve done a roundup of what’s been in the news you might have missed amid all the noise on ESG. That’s our focus today but wow was this a lot to get through with the SEC in the spotlight.

Let us know what we missed, dear readers, always appreciate pointers to venture capital and early-stage tech-focused content, reports and analysis. The biggest names in finance matter, but they’re sucking up all the air in the room.

Save us from the hot air. Send tips, releases, and feedback to news@conviction.news and pitch what’s on your mind at opinion@conviction.news to contribute.  

Update: While still completely free to subscribe and contribute, as 1st April Conviction Newsletter, readers on the website can sign up and log in to read stuff by us (important note: not guest contributor content.) See 19th March newsletter for a full preview with no registration.

Editor's note: Quote hidden in a footnote if you missed it

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