• Applications close 31st March ABB Electrification Startup Challenge, awarding three winners $30K for innovative proof-of-concept projects that solve energy, emissions and climate challenges, plus longer-term opportunities with ABB, SynerLeap and Microsoft
  • In Conviction's interview with Tallarna, CEO Tim Meanock discusses the year since winning ABB’s 2nd annual Startup Challenge and how winning accelerated its growth ABB said in a Q&A with Conviction is mutually beneficial for corporate innovation and sustainability
  • Anton Kotov, Chief Strategy & Digital Officer at ABB Electrification: ‘‘Collaborating with startups gives us access to new ideas and ways of thinking”  

Read on for Conviction’s interview with Tim Meanock, CEO of Tallarna and a winner of ABB’s second annual Startup Challenge last year, ahead of the ABB Electrification Startup Challenge deadline for applicants this Thursday, 31st March. Tim told us what the journey has been like for Tallarna since, one year on.

Three winners at the Startup Challenge will each get $30,000 and the opportunity to work with ABB, SynerLeap and Microsoft on digital solutions that fight climate change, reduce emissions and increase energy resilience.

Conviction’s full Startup Challenge interview with Anton Kotov, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Digital Officer at ABB Electrification has more on the opportunity.

Tallarna’s CEO Tim Meanock told us what the competition has done to accelerate growth and opportunities worth more than the $30K prize at face value.  

Anton Kotov, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Digital Officer at ABB Electrification:

“The ABB Electrification Startup Challenge is about creating a pipeline of innovative digital solutions that help our customers to become more sustainable by reducing emissions, cutting energy usage and integrating with renewable energy sources. Collaborating with startups gives us just that - access to new ideas and ways of thinking.”

Tim Meanock, CEO of Tallarna

Image credit: Tallarna

Here’s what Tim Meanock at Tallarna had to say.

How has the recognition supported Tallarna's growth, financially and operationally?

Joining forces with ABB has given us mass-market exposure… We are now integrated with the ABB Ability Energy Manager platform, supporting customers in benchmarking their energy usage and understanding achievable savings in kWh, CO2 and euros.

A year on, what are your priorities at Tallarna today?

In the coming weeks, our platform will be globally launched on the ABB Ability platform. Already, our capabilities have been localised for use in over 20 countries after a successful pilot in Italy. The next evolution of our partnership will extend our platform’s savings suggestions to include a risk-managed, financeable roadmap for execution.

How has Tallarna grown as a business?

The Startup Challenge enabled us to extend our platform’s capabilities into the industrial space. ABB provided us with access to a selection of trusted customers whose invaluable feedback finessed our joint offering.

In the past year, we’ve experienced 75 per cent employee growth. This has equipped us with a highly-scalable solution that drives energy efficiency in industrial buildings and eventually, industrial processes.

Name the biggest challenge solved.

Our partnership empowers industrial operations to become more sustainable at scale. ABB customers can save money while tackling a large chunk of global emissions.

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