Welcome to the bi-weekly Conviction Newsletter focused on impact investing and technology for good with news, opinion and analysis from businesses committed to Sustainable Development Goals.

This week, Dealroom’s Q1 impact funding report, Chris Sacca’s potty mouth and sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.

  1. Start on a high - Carbon opportunities captured
  2. Getting hotter - D2C action, we’re all sharks now
  3. Views with Conviction - Lots, 8 expert contributors
  4. In the news - IPCC, doomsday and tech to the rescue
  5. Plus some excessive impact deal news roundups, plural

But first, shoutouts to some of our favourite subscribers and contributors, starting with Mayank Shah, MSDUK and Anthony Chant, OnePlanetCapital, plus the slate of experts from JustCarbon, Moss Earth, Nori, Likvidi and Cofndrs featured in Conviction’s #CryptoClimate series.

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Start on a high

Carbon opportunities captured

Laser focus in the Shark Tank

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