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The Conviction Newsletter 19th March can still be viewed if non-subscribers want to see what they’re missing. What we’re gonna touch on today:

  1. Start on a high - VC seeking alpaca food(tech)
  2. Getting hotter - Crypto v Greenpeace
  3. Views with Conviction - Hacking crypto’s carbon footprint
  4. In the news - VC, tech and biodiversity
  5. Plus a full roundup of impact deal news

But first, shoutouts to some of our favourite subscribers and contributors: Ivan Liljeqvist, Co-Founder & CEO of Moralis, Anton Kotov, Chief Strategy & Digital Officer at ABB Electrification and Tim Meanock, CEO of Tallarna. You’ve made a huge ImpactAlpaca.

Start on a high

VC seeking alpaca food(tech)

Having run out of bad jokes about FarmersOnly.com we brought in the creatives. All in good fun, ImpactAlpha - Conviction wouldn’t work without adult supervision and copious links to reporting like yours. Please don’t hate (or sue) us for the cheap content. Image: Reference

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