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To start your week with Conviction, the second part of the UN Biodiversity Conference isn’t meeting as planned but according to a our panel of experts life on Earth matters. Circa 5,000 reasons to care plus:

  1. UN(certain) Biodiversity #DodoAccord and Q&A with CIRCA5000
  2. Ÿnsect, The Webinar Vet, and ZenaDrone answer our questions
  3. Subscriber survey in 10 questions + the week ahead, TBD

But first, special thanks to our contributors this week, Ÿnsect’s Antoine Hubert, CIRCA5000’s Tom McGillycuddy, The Webinar Vet’s Anthony Chadwick and ZenaDrone’s Shaun Passley.

UN(certain) Biodiversity #DodoAccord

Q&A with Tom McGillycuddy, Co-Founder of CIRCA5000

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