Mass extinctions and editorial calendars don’t change course at the convenience of negotiators to attend the second part of the UN Biodiversity Conference. Welcome to another special edition of Conviction and the first piece in a thematic series focused on biodiversity that will continue for an indeterminate length of time, not unlike COP15 (dates to be determined.)

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What’s next with #DodoAccord: Ynsect, The Webinar Vet and ZenaDrone answer our questions about biodiversity.

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Mauritius is nice this time of year

Since the current forecast is 27C/81F on a beach in Mauritius and only 23C/74F in the landlocked city of Kunming, China perhaps negotiators can be forgiven for the delay. But campaigners are nervous that new measures to protect biodiversity might not take flight.

Despite progress with international agreements on the urgency of sustainability, rather than a Paris Accord for Plastic biodiversity might get stranded like a dodo in the Indian Ocean.

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