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A Bug’s Life, Ant Island UK, the sequel

A Bug’s Life, the sequel, could conceivably follow the plot of Brexit after Ant Island took back control from the EU’s gang of grasshoppers. The anticlimax and series of unintended consequences continue. “Overnight, everything became illegal,” Tiziana Di Costanzo, Co-Founder of London’s first edible insect farm, Horizon Foods told Sifted. In Sifted’s analysis, the epicentre of European tech and venture investment is missing a huge opportunity.

In brief, the UK’s Food Standards Agency had no transitional measures for so-called novel foods on the 31st January 2020, meaning insect-based alternative proteins lost approval overnight despite having been approved in the EU. Speaking with Conviction News, Sasha Babitsky, CEO of Entoprotech and venture partner at Waarde Capital said global regulations and perceptions need to change.

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