Welsh agtech Agxio closes £2.1M pre-Series A

Welsh agtech Agxio closes £2.1M pre-Series A

Mar 16, 2022 2 min read
  • AI-enabled agtech Agxio closes a £2.1M pre-Series A
  • Low-code platform automates data science and machine learning to build enterprise solutions for use in the agricultural industry, biotech and life sciences
  • Founded in 2018, Agxio’s investors include the Development Bank of Wales, with the additional funding earmarked for market expansion, talent acquisition and R&D

The Welsh, Aberystwyth-based AI-enabled agtech Agxio has closed a £2.1 million pre-Series A. Agxio has developed and deployed a low-code platform that automates data science and machine learning that can be used to build and deploy enterprise-level artificial intelligence solutions for use in the agricultural industry, biotech and life sciences. The additional funding will be used to expand offerings in the UK and international markets, as well as talent acquisition and R&D.  

Founded in 2018, Agxio says the platform is market-ready, commercially tested and boasts a range of strategic partnerships to date. Agxio is backed by the Development Bank of Wales and is a strategic partner for Agritech Innovation of the Welsh Government. Agxio is based at the Aberystwyth Innovation and Enterprise Campus (UKSPA) in Wales and the Cambridge Science Park (CSP) in England.

Image credit: Agxio

Agxio’s low-code platform combines cutting-edge technologies for enterprise-scale solutions in agricultural, biotech and life sciences that solve complex, real-world challenges. Its first offering enables farmers, researchers and policymakers to leverage agricultural data, models and best practice to deliver in-season, sustainable production. Agxio says it provides real-time decision-making for optimised results and the platform can also be used in novel applications of biotech, drone analytics, robotics and image analysis.

Dr Stephen Christie, Co-Founder & CEO of Agxio:

“Our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have a broad range of use cases, and we believe that the growth opportunities for us are very significant. We have also created a number of strong partnerships across industry, government, and academia to ensure innovation at the highest level.”

Agxio says its technologies have been tested for commercial use across the agricultural industry, including livestock, closed environment agriculture and parasitology. Agxio also claims successful use cases of its technologies in healthcare, community care and pathology through work with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).


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